Classics - 3 in 1 Puzzle

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This exciting puzzle is fun and challenging. It will help you exercise your spatial thinking and hard dexterity while offering hours of fun as you figure out how to put together all pieces to form a beautiful and attractive scale model puzzle. The puzzle can be displayed on your desk, bookshelf, home or office. Stimulating and educational, this puzzle will make a great gift for anyone young or old, friend or family and students of all ages.

High quality materials
Dimensions of the image : 18 x 32 cm
Safe and environmentally friendly
Beautifully finished and extremely high quality.
3 different, colorful and high quality puzzles packed in one package.
Each puzzle has a different number of pieces‎.‎
The puzzles are cut to 28, 45 and 54 pieces.
Very well‎-cut pieces ensuring that no two pieces are alike‎.‎
All 3 of the puzzles are printed with a different reverse side, so the puzzle pieces can be easily sorted before assemble.
Our puzzles help your child to develop hand‎-eye coordination‎,‎ improve motor skills‎,‎ problem solving‎,‎ shape recognition‎,‎ memory‎,‎ task completion and independent play
Puzzles make wonderful presents and are excellent value for money‎,‎ as they can be done over and over again
Open their imagination and smarter.
Nice design with good quality.
Color: Multicolor
Age: 5 years and above

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